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So, news is out that Emmerich and Devlin have been signed up by MGM and Warner Bros. to reboot STARGATE! They're planning a trilogy of movies (which they've always said that STARGATE was meant to be).

How do you feel about this news? Who do you think should portray Jack and Daniel? Let's talk!


Jun. 1st, 2014 02:31 pm (UTC)
They wanted to do a trilogy from the start, but the rights were sold out from under them because a film backer thought the movie would tank. That's how MGM not only owns the movie, but all the characters in it, which is why Jack and Daniel can appear in all the series -- they don't have to pay for them to appear.

I doubt they'll use anything from the series. Not just because the creation of SG-1 meant MGM had no interest in continuing the trilogy back in the day, which probably means bitter blood, but also because using elements that MGM doesn't own outright means the writer(s) who created those elements would have to be paid. Much cheaper to create new stuff.

From what I read when the first movie came out, the trilogy was going to be "loosely connected" in some way, exploring different myths potentially with different characters in each movie. I do wonder if they've changed their mind on that front. I think people will be more likely to watch if at least some characters carry over from the first movie.

I'm not really bothered by the reboot effort. Might breathe some new life into the franchise. I imagine a more people who will see it in theaters will have seen the original movie than the series, or perhaps they watched some of the series. Though honestly, it doesn't matter, because as soon as the word "reboot" is used, people will expect similarities, but a new story.

What would be really weird is if the movie(s) did well enough to get a series too. Though from what I recall SG-1 came about because they wanted a "vehicle" for RDA, and they wholly owned the Stargate rights, so that was the cheaper way to go than to attempt something new. The television show market isn't what it was then, so I think the reboot would have to do extremely well to get a series.

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