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White Collar Fans, Did You Catch the Stargate Reference in "Identity Crisis"?

Willie Garson played conspiracy theorist and alien Marty and was the creator of "Wormhole X-Treme", the TV show centered around the Stargate and a team patterned off of SG-1 and that the government approved to be produced for plausible deniability.

Now, Willie Garson plays Mozzie in the hit TV show "White Collar" and Mozzie is also a bit of a conspiracy theorist who doesn't trust the government. In the recent episode "Identity Crisis", Mozzie says, "Our government has endorsed a cornucopia of questionable programs: Stargate, MK Ultra, the Space Shuttle..."

There may indeed be a government program called Stargate, but for Stargate franchise fans, this reference may cause a smile or chuckle because it was Willie Garson who delivered that line! :)

The line is around the 10-minute mark for the HULU presentation, which I cannot embed here, but you can catch at,p0,s4,d0 .
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