Never At Home (never_at_home) wrote in sg1_solutions,
Never At Home

Who Have You Followed to New Shows?

We've seen a few of our Stargate stars become regulars in other shows. Which ones are you following and what do you think of the new roles?

Amanda Tapping - Sanctuary (ended with 4th season)
Rainbow Sun Francks - The Listener (joined in second season)
Robert Carlyle - Once Upon a Time
Jewel Staite - The L.A. Complex
Michael Shanks - Saving Hope

Additionally, some of our Stargate guest stars have also made it to regular starring roles. I can't list them all, but a few that jump out at me at the moment are: Ben Bass in Rookie Blue, Erica Durance in Saving Hope (producer and star), Lou Diamond Phillips in Longmire, and Tony Amendola in Once Upon a Time (recurring).

Let me know if I missed anyone!
Tags: actor: amanda tapping, actor: jewel staite, actor: rainbow sun francks, actor: robert carlyle

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