aurora_novarum (aurora_novarum) wrote in sg1_solutions,

No Fifth Season for Tapping's Sanctuary

Sanctuary has been cancelled after four seasons. Rumors have been circulating for a while since no news was forthcoming since the season four finale in December. Sanctuary was in being independently produced, originally airing as a web series until SyFy picked it up for its network as well as for its innovative use of green-screen technology.

Amanda Tapping (Samantha Carter) starred and produced the series along with behind the scenes Stargate alums Damian Kindler and Martin Wood. Christopher Heyerdahl (SGA's Halling and Todd the Wraith) and Ryan Robbins (SGA's Ladon Radim) were other Stargate alums that rounded out the regular cast, not counting the numerous familiar faces who were guest stars.
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