Never At Home (never_at_home) wrote in sg1_solutions,
Never At Home

Auction for Lunches with Stargate Stars

From The Morton Report: Wanna Grab Lunch with a Sci-Fi Star? - The auctions are in conjunction with the Hunter Syndrome charity event "Once Upon a Cure Gala."

The lunches with Amanda Tapping, Staite and McGillion, Robbins and Lawrenson, Stargate's David Hewlett and his wife, as well as women of sci-fi Benson, Christine Chatelain, and Sharon Taylor are up for bid in an online auction that is currently running on eBay in association with the event.

Links to the auction and other event details can be found at the link above.
Tags: actor: amanda tapping, actor: david hewlett, actor: jewel staite, actor: paul mcgillion, actor: supporting cast, atlantis, sg-1, universe

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