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Connor Trinneer Values Stargate Experience

Of course, most of the interview is about Connor Trineer's days as Trip on Star Trek: Enterprise, but he still values his experience as Michael Kenmore in Stargate Atlantis. From a recent interview at Trek Today:

Connor Trinneer misses the character he played on Star Trek: Enterprise, and shares his opinions on the Mirror Universe episodes and Trip’s death.

Although Star Trek: Enterprise ended too soon for Trinneer, he has been able to move on from it without regret. “To this point in my career, that has been the most satisfying experience for me, that and Stargate,” he said. “Do I miss Enterprise? You don’t really want to miss things. You don’t really want to go back. You want to look forward to what’s next. But it was an extremely satisfying experience that we’d all have loved to have lasted longer. It didn’t. That’s life. We’re actors. Get over it. Move on. But it’s nice to know that I was involved in something that gave a lot of satisfaction – and continues to give a lot of satisfaction – to people.”
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