Never At Home (never_at_home) wrote in sg1_solutions,
Never At Home

Replicators that Actually Exist on Earth

There have been lots of stories in science journals, etc., that have declared that Stargate's Replicators are possible because they've seen the beginnings of them in labs across the world. Here's a story about one such place:

Student Markus Kayser has created what could well be the first step on the road to the Replicators seen in the Stargate universe: a machine which turns sun and sand into usable, custom-made physical objects.

Read more: Thinq_: Solar Sinter brings 3D printing to the desert.

Not only could this be how the Replicators and Asurans work, but also how the Seed Ships that planted Stargates across the universe did it as well!
Tags: atlantis, news, sg-1, universe
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