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Never At Home

Canada's InnerSPACE Interviews Stargate Stars

Canada's Space channel will follow SGU's series finale this coming Tuesday with a special InnerSPACE program that includes interviews of Stargate stars from all three series. This news from Joe Mallozzi:

... I hung around to do a quickie interview for Canada’s Space which will follow up Tuesday night’s series finale, Gauntlet, with a special Stargate-laden installment of Innerspace. From what I hear, they got A LOT of interviews with Stargate personalities – David Blue, David Hewlett, Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Louis Ferreira, Alaina Huffman, Brian J. Smith, and Jewel Staite (to name a few) – who’ll be talking about the franchise and its fans. Don’t miss it!

Solutions Blog has more details.
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