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411Mania: [Movies] Syfy Producing New Hansel & Gretel Movie Starring Shannon Doherty
SyFy will be producing their horror version of Hansel and Gretel, directed by Mario Azzopardi.

Shannon Doherty will play Gretl and Paul McGillion will play Hansel.

The plot for Syfy's twisted version: "As an adult, a witch hunter (Hansel) returns to the village where he lived as a child to find and kill the witch who killed his sister, Gretl (Doherty), only to find that Gretl is not dead and danger lurks around every corner."

The film will air in November, with John Boylan, Sarain Boylan, Jefferson Brown, Erica Cox, Marianthi Evans, Sophia Ewaniuk, Nahanni Johnstone, and Daniela Lazzaro all in the cast.

Mario Azzopardi directed the SG-1 pilot Children of the Gods and other episodes for both SG-1 and SGA.


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Apr. 9th, 2011 04:47 am (UTC)
Hansel and Gretel
Paul McGillion and Shannon Doherty as brother and sister kinda blows my mind. And it's funny that he's a witch hunter since Shannon was a witch in "Charmed."
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