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Update on Rainbow Sun Francks and Jill Wagner

From BC Local News, a few questions about Stargate Atlantis stars/guest stars:

Q: I watched “Stargate: Atlantis” from the beginning, and really like one character who wasn’t in the show for the entire run of the series. Can you give me more information on Rainbow Francks? Also, is he related to Canadian actor Don Francks?

– June J., Holberg, B.C.

A: Rainbow Sun Francks, 30, is indeed the son of Don Francks, as well as the brother of actress Cree Summer (who is best known for her role in “A Different World”). You can catch him this summer in the CBS police drama “The Bridge,” which airs Saturdays. He guest-stars in the ninth episode of this first season. The show, which originated in Canada, already aired his episode (titled “Never Let Me Down Again”) in April, but you might be able to catch it online or in reruns.

Q: Can you tell me if Jill from “Wipeout” is the same girl on the Mercury car commercials?

– Burton L. in N.Y.

A: “Wipeout” co-host Jill Wagner is indeed known as the “Mercury Chick” for her commercial and print ads for Lincoln-Mercury (since 2005). The 31-year-old North Carolina native also has appeared on “Blade: The Series.”

“Stargate: Atlantis” and “Bones.”

We have an image of Rainbow in his The Bridge role at his BTEH page on the main site: Rainbow Sun Francks. We have embarrassingly little info about him, so if you have more, please let us know.

Jill has been very popular on our site as the result of people doing searches against her name and arriving at our SGA articles about her. The most popular is this article and image: SGA S4 Spoilers: Casting for "Travelers".
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