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Never At Home

San Diego Comic Con Panels

Let me know if there are others that you'd like to have listed below. The schedules were taken from: Super Hero Hype for Friday and Movie Web for Saturday.


Friday, July 23

10:30-11:30 Stargate Universe— Follow your Destiny. Catch the Syfy Stargate Universe panel, featuring Robert Carlyle (Dr. Nicholas Rush), David Blue (Eli Wallace), Ming Na (Camile Wray), and Louis Ferreira (Colonel Everett Young), moderated by Robert Cooper (series co-creator). Ballroom 20


Saturday, July 24

1:00-2:00 Walk on the wild side at Syfy's highly anticipated Sanctuary panel. Moderated by Josh Gates (The Chameleon) and featuring Amanda Tapping (Helen Magnus), Robin Dunne (Will Zimmerman), and executive producers Martin Wood and Damian Kindler, you'll experience this revolutionary Syfy original series like never before. Indigo Ballroom, San Diego Hilton Bayfront
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