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Updates to the Stargate Wiki and Attention Sheppard Fans

Wiki Updates

Probably one of the most-used features of the Solutions sites is our Stargate Wiki. It just celebrated its sixth anniversary on June 16!

Anyway, our staff of editors did a few updates since last week's report that you might be interested in:

  • The guides for Season Two episodes for Stargate Universe have been updated with the latest spoilers/teasers. There are nearly 18 named episodes in the list. Most of these updates come from Joseph Mallozzi's weblog. One key word about these guides: SPOILERS.

  • The Lucian Alliance article has been updated up to the end of Season One of SGU.

Attention: John Sheppard Fans

I'd like to ask a question of you, our readers and Stargate fans: Would you like to help me write the biography for John Sheppard? If so, I'd like to ask that you offer up your idea of his key episodes and why you feel these episodes are important for his backstory and character development. To get us started, I've put the skeleton of the article up in the wiki for us to refer to. I'll give proper credit to anyone who wishes to be acknowledged.

Here's our working page: John Sheppard

The outline is basically set and approved by our staff of editors, but the content format within the meaty sections is flexible. An example of this format already in use: Jennifer Keller.

I can hardly wait to hear from you. This is very important to me. I hope you join in. :)
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