November 4th, 2010


New USA Network Pilots: Whom Would You Cast?

There are three new drama pilots that the USA network will be considering for series. USA is known for Burn Notice, White Collar, Psych, and the upcoming RDA guest-starrer Fairly Legal (fka Facing Kate).

Do you think that any of our Stargate stars would fit into any of the following?

1) Eden follows a young hotel worker who becomes the concierge at an elite New York hotel with the help of his con artist cousin. The two work to provide the guests with whatever they want, no matter what.

2) Over/Under centers on a day trader with a gambling problem who turns his luck around in a surprising way after he's fired.

3) Wild Card focuses on two Las Vegas lawyers who handle cases for their clients in different ways.

More info at TV Guide.

Mark Dacascos Cast as Wo Fat in New "Five-O"

Stargate Atlantis guest star Mark Dacascos has landed the recurring role of Wo Fat, Steve McGarrett's nemesis, in the reboot of Hawaii Five-O. Dacascos played Ronon's fellow Satedan Tyre in two episodes. Here's the link to the notice:

It should be noted that Dacascos was born in Hawaii where the show is filmed. :)

Stargate alum Grace Park has a regular role on that show, which is doing well in the ratings.

[Thanks to ganymede for the link from JM's weblog.]