Season Three of 'The Killing' Features Stargate Atlantis Alum

Have you been watching Season 3 of AMC's The Killing?

You'll see at least 4 Stargate Atlantis vets in this slow-burn show about solving crimes over a season's worth of shows (in the previous case's case, it was 2 seasons' worth of episodes). The show has been cancelled and brought back a few times, so hopefully the criminal will be revealed at the end of the season!

Jewel Staite, Ryan Robbins, and Ben Cotton have prominent recurring roles. Paul McGillion also has at least two episodes as a guest star.

And I'm still looking for quality screencaps of Jewel and now Paul for their Beyond the Event Horizon galleries on the main site at .

Have you been watching?

Another ScreenCap Needed: Jewel Staite in 'The Killing'

Does anyone have a good screencap of Jewel Staite in the season premiere of AMC's The Killing (June 2)? I would like to add it to her Beyond the Event Horizon gallery on the main site at -- they're 260x146. She's playing the girlfriend of Detective Holder, a series regular played by Joel Kinnaman.

Thank you for helping us keep the galleries up to date with our Stargate stars!

UPDATED: I've obtained a screencap, but it's not of the best quality. If you've got a better quality one, I'd appreciate getting it for the gallery.

Also, I got a screencap of Jewel in The Listener, but it isn't all that great, either.

But, anyway, both are up in her gallery if you'd like to take a look.

Did you see Michael Shanks in the Gordie Howe Biopic?

It's a nice family-centric story about a seasoned hockey player, now known as Mr. Hockey, coming out of retirement to play with his two sons in the newly-formed World Hockey Association. It was unheard of back in 1973, and it still has its marks on hockey today. I can see why Michael was thrilled for the opportunity and honor to portray such a sports hero and role model. Andy Mikita, a major player in the Stargate franchise, directed.
SG-1 angels

New Stargate Game Trailer

A preview trailer has just been released for the upcoming Stargate SG-1 tablet game, to be released on iOS and Android platforms this coming March (or at least "Episode 1" will be released then). Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, and Amanda Tapping have previously tweeted about doing some voice-over work for the game. What do you all think of it?